Abbey & John: An Outdoor Wedding in Alpharetta, GA

Abbey and John went to the same elementary, middle, and high schools. They even played on the same tennis team but never really spoke until their senior year of high school when Abbey finally got up the nerve to approach John and introduce herself. “John, being a man of many words, said ‘hey,’” recalls Abbey. But the ice was finally broken and they started dating. The Bride Abbey Wiener, 26, business development manager The Groom John Bradner, 26, in commercial real estate The Date October 20 On the day before their seventh anniversary, Abbey was hanging out at John’s place and was baking cookies for a holiday party. As Abbey lay down to rest her eyes, she made a comment about the two of them being one big happy family. “But not until we’re engaged will we really be a family,” added Abbey. When she opened her eyes, John surprised her with a ring and a proposal.