Adryana & Patrick: A Pink Wedding in Hollywood Hills, CA

Adryana and Patrick dated seriously for about two years but then decided to go their separate ways. Nearly a decade after they first met, the two sat down for a friendly lunch to catch up. The moment I saw him, I completely melted and knew we would never be apart again, says Adryana. She was right. The Bride Adryana Cortez, 31, PR and marketing The Groom Patrick Courrielche, 34, PR and marketing The Date September 13 On the night of Adryana's 30th birthday, Patrick took her for a romantic drive. They ended up where they first saw each other -- the site of the Halloween party so many years ago. Back home later that night, Patrick had a treat for Adryana: a gold proposal band made to look like a ring he'd given her on her 21st birthday (a piece she'd lost). Although they would later pick out an antique diamond engagement ring, I always wear the proposal ring on my right-hand ring finger, says Adryana.