African-American Weddings

Casual, Bohemian Couple at Shaw Center for the Arts in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Modern Couple and Formal Wedding Party on LA Rooftop

Romantic Couple at Stonefields Estate in Beckwith, Ontario

Bride Getting Ready with Bridesmaid

Desert Wedding with Ballgown and Pink Suit Attire

Cake Cutting with Modern Bride and Groom in Pink Suit

Wedding Party with Blue Suits and Fuchsia Dresses

Glam Couple Pouring Sand at Unity Ceremony

Formal Groom Wearing Dark Blue Tuxedo and Watch

Traditional Sugar Ceremony at SkyStudio in Los Angeles, California

Romantic Couple at Stonefields Estate in Beckwith, Ontario

Trumpet Wedding Dress with Cape and Hip-Hop-Inspired Suit Jacket

Couple Recessing at Piper Palm House in St. Louis, Missouri

Elegant Couple in Black-Tie Attire

Glam Couple Recessing at Leopold's in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Classic Grooms Wearing Navy Tuxedo and Navy Suit

Elegant Cake Cutting of Ombré Wedding Cake

Modern Couple Wearing White Jumpsuit, Black Suit and Colorful Scarf

Casual Couple in Alternative Attire

Couple Cutting into Cake at Modern Reception

Modern Ceremony at Hummingbird Nest Ranch in Simi Valley, California

Classic Couple in the Colorado Mountains

Same-Sex Sparkler Send-Off at Firehouse Chicago