Aisha & Quincy: A Formal Wedding in Los Angeles, CA

Aisha loves surprises -- including surprising others. So it was typical of Aisha that she decided to hand out small presents to her beau Quincy for a number of days before his birthday. Little did she know that this time, the surprise would eventually be on her. THE BRIDE Aisha Andrews THE GROOM Quincy Smith THE DATE July 28 We were on top of the Empire State Building in New York City celebrating Quincy's birthday, Aisha remembers. That's when Quincy asked me if I had anymore presents for him. After Aisha hinted that she might have something waiting at home, Quincy declared that he knew exactly what he wanted. I remember thinking 'What in the world could he want?' says Aisha. To her astonishment, Quincy pulled out a garnet-colored box that held a diamond solitaire ring and replied, I want you to be my wife!