Aishah & Adnan: A Pakistani Wedding in Pittsburgh, PA

Behind-the-scenes conspiring connected Aishah and Adnan. Aishah's aunt, a longtime friend of Adnan's mother, gave her niece's e-mail address to Adnan. The two exchanged a few messages, but Aishah thought Adnan wasn’t interested because he hadn't asked for her phone number. The Bride Aishah Chughtai, 28, attorney The Groom Adnan Nisar, 28, investment banker The Date May 17 Six months after they stopped e-mailing, they ran into each other at a conference. But it wasn't a coincidence -- Adnan heard Aishah was attending and planned to go so they could finally meet in person. When the two were introduced, sparks flew. We talked about all of our plans for the future and knew then that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together, says Aishah. They got engaged just six weeks later.