Alicia & Scott: A Modern Wedding in Rome, GA

Their engagement was short -- four months and all about business. They didn't need to think for more than a heartbeat about where the wedding would take place: Frost Chapel at Berry College. THE BRIDE Alicia Kirsten Cosnahan, a 23-year-old artist THE GROOM Scott David McIntosh, a 24-year-old graduate student of history THE DATE July 28 College sweethearts Alicia Kirsten Cosnahan and Scott David McIntosh were married on July 28th at the place where they met five years earlier when Scott was a sophomore and Alicia was a freshman. I had seen a piece of artwork Alicia had displayed on campus that I liked very much, says Scott, who worked part-time at the college library. When Alicia came in to check out a book, Scott searched her file for her phone number and called. It was probably illegal, but I did it anyway. I called her and asked her to coffee, and she told me she had a paper to write, but she had time to go on a walk. They went for a romantic stroll up to some gothic-looking buildings that Henry Ford had donated to the college in the 1920s and '30s. We ended up talking for most of the night. I think she ended up failing that paper, says Scott jokingly. Years later, he took Alicia out on that very same walk, having earlier placed a present underneath the bench where they sat and talked that one fateful night. Tucked inside the package was the ring.