Alison & Chris: A Traditional Wedding in Atlanta, GA

When they first met in college, Alison and Chris were both in relationships, but they became friends when they pledged a business fraternity together. The Bride Alison Levi, 25, working in property management The Groom Chris Copenhaver, 26, financial analyst The Date May 19 Even after graduation when Chris moved out of state for his job and Alison stayed behind to finish school, the two stayed in touch. On the weekends, Chris would often travel back to Athens to see friends. During one particular visit, as their pals tried to make plans for the day, Alison and Chris snuck off to a nearby dessert shop for their first date. While on a picnic a year-and-a-half later, Chris passed a container to Alison. As she lifted the lid, Alison discovered a sparkling ring surrounded by chocolate chip cookies. After a year of planning, the two exchanged vows in front of a historical mansion at the Atlanta History Center.