Alison & Joe: A Formal Wedding in Atlanta, GA

Alison and Joe had known each other for years, but nothing came of their relationship until one Thanksgiving when Joe came home from his tour in Iraq for a 15-day visit. The pair spent the entire time together, and two days after Joe returned to Iraq, he sent Alison an email professing his love. The Bride Alison Moran, 29, graduate student The Groom Joseph (Joe) Mitek, 26, member of the 75th Ranger Regiment The Date May 26 After dating long-distance for just under a year, Alison arrived home one day to find a DVD from Joe waiting for her. The disc was filled with photos of the two of them and ended with an on-screen proposal. But the big surprise was about to happen: Joe then suddenly appeared in the room holding a bouquet of flowers, an engagement ring, and an in-person proposal.