Allyson & Pearce: An Outdoor Wedding in Cleveland, GA

When Allyson spotted a Monty Python poster in the dorm room of Pearce, she struck up a conversation about the movie, The Holy Grail. The two became friends, and a year later, they were dating. The Bride Allyson Hendryx, 30, consultant The Groom Pearce Korb, 27, neurology resident The Date September 20 The relationship turned long-distance when Allyson decided to serve in the Peace Corps in Mongolia upon graduating. They stayed together, and after two years, Allyson relocated to Atlanta, where Pearce was in medical school. Six and a half years later, while shopping at an antique store, her friend pointed out a trinket. It turned out to be the Mongolian ring she asked Pearce to give her when he proposed. Pearce was waiting nearby at a table covered in candles, flowers and champagne.