Star Wars's R2-D2 Groom's Cake

Indian Henna Illustration of Couple

Flower Petal Array for Ceremony Recessional

Pastel Kippahs in Basket

Live Aerialist Cocktail Hour Performance

Vintage-Inspired Cigar Lounge Setup

First Dance in the Ballroom of Anderson House in Washington, D.C.

Grooms Exiting in Vintage Airstream

White and Gold Brooch Bouquet

Romantic Author Quotes Written on Vintage Window

Sweetheart Table Set with Antique Wood Chairs with Gold Upholstery

Blue and White Printed Handkerchief

Hora with Mickey Mouse–Embossed Yarmulkes

Modern, Rustic Ceremony at WithinSodo in Seattle

Grooms with Traditional Lazo Floral Garland

Jewish Ketubah with Flower Details

Late-Night Mac and Cheese Lollipops

First Dance at Belltower Venue

Couple with Retro Fashion and Burgundy Accents

The Hungry March Band

Old-Time Jazz Wedding Band

Streamer Exit at BRIK in Fort Worth, Texas

Singing Wedding Vows