Cushion Cut Halo Engagement Ring and Turquoise Wedding Band in Wood Box

Lego and Wedding Ring Photo Op

Gold and Diamond Art Deco Engagement Ring

Antique-Inspired Rings

Vintage Flower-Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

Emerald and Black Diamond Engagement Ring

Romantic First Dance

Vintage Art Deco Engagement Ring

Vintage-Inspired Gold Engagement Ring and Wedding Bands

Vintage Ruby and Gold Engagement Ring

Vintage-Inspired Celestial Halo Engagement Ring

The Hungry March Band

Gold Stacked Wedding Rings

Star Trek–Themed ’80s Cover Band

Vintage Diamond Rings

Family Heirloom Engagement Ring

Black-and-White Coaster with Dog Illustration

Silver Bohemian Wedding Rings

Live Aerialist Cocktail Hour Performance

Old-Time Jazz Wedding Band

Singing Wedding Vows

Simple, Delicate Gold Wedding Rings

Heirloom Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring