Couple Recessing at Richardson Historic Park in Wilton Manors, Florida

Grooms with White Jackets and Black Pants

Recessional with Flower Petal Toss

Modern Ceremony at the King Plow Arts Center in Atlanta, Georgia

Modern Wedding Party in Black and White Attire

Grooms' Velvet Dinner Jackets

Classic Black Tux Groom Style with Bow Tie

Traditional Crowning Ceremony Tradition

Industrial Outdoor Wedding at Firehouse Chicago

Couple Recessing at Blanc in Denver, Colorado

Same-Sex Ceremony in a Brooklyn Backyard

Pride Sign in Multiple Languages

Diego Rivera Murals Backdrop

Classic Black Tux Groom Style with Bow Tie

Columbus Museum of Art Atrium Reception

Handmade Wax-Stamped Menu Cards

Grooms in Colorful Suits Exchanging Vows

Couple Recessing at Campa Tanadona in Excelsior, Minnesota

Brides Under Chuppa with White Fabric and Greenery

Grooms Breaking Glass for Traditional Jewish Ceremony

Classic Tiffany Rings

Grooms' Velvet Dinner Jackets

Chic Grooms Sharing First Kiss at Museum Ceremony