Industrial Outdoor Wedding at Firehouse Chicago

Wildflower Floral Arrangements in Vintage Cast-Iron Urns

Modern Wedding Party in Black and White Attire

Grooms' Velvet Dinner Jackets

Succulent Pocket Squares With Vintage Clock Gears

Chic Grooms Sharing First Kiss at Museum Ceremony

Modern Same-Sex Ceremony at Kimpton Brice Hotel

Same-Sex Ceremony on the Rooftop of the Mitchell Lofts in Dallas, Texas

Grooms with White Jackets and Black Pants

Same-Sex Ceremony in a Brooklyn Backyard

Classic Tiffany Rings

Classic Black Tux Groom Style with Bow Tie

Classic Black Tux Groom Style with Bow Tie

Industrial Recessional at the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn, New York

Whimsical Garden Wedding with Greenery

Same Sex Ceremony with Two Brides

Warmly Lit Landmark Center Ceremony with Hanging White Fabric

Grooms' Velvet Dinner Jackets

Wedding at Peninsula Room

Columbus Museum of Art Atrium Reception

Handmade Wax-Stamped Menu Cards

Casual, Modern Wedding at Bowling Alley

Outdoor Ceremony at Riviera Palm Springs in California