Modern Bar Setup with Art Deco Design and Personalized Sign

Burgundy Velvet Heels

Boozy Popsicle Signature Cocktails

Bar Wrapped in Malachite Print

White Converse Sneakers Embellished with Bride's Initials

Blue Studded Heels with Beading and Pointed Toe

Black Socks with Hearts and Sparkly Heels

Milk and Cookie Dessert Table

Art-Deco-Inspired Champagne Servers

Modern Industrial Bar with Custom Calligraphy

Ice Bar with Pink Flowers

Classic Mint Juleps Served on a Malachite-Pattern Tray

Gold-Framed Bar Menu with Orange Detailing

Wedding Shoes with Feathers and Flowers

Bohemian White High Heels with Lace Detail

Vintage Bar Lighting and Rustic Drink Menus

Signature Cocktails on Art Deco Platter

Ballet Flats with Cat Face and Ankle Strap

Signature Cocktails in Coupes, Served on a Malachite-Pattern Tray

Hot Dogs and Beer Flight on Paddle

Custom Art Deco Bar

Vintage Bees Knees Signature Cocktail

Couple with Retro Fashion and Burgundy Accents