Art Deco, Rustic, Southern, Alternative, Wedding Bar & Drinks

Champagne Flute Wall for Beach Wedding at Rosewood Phuket in Thailand

Wedding Reception Drinks Featuring Homemade Beer and Custom Beer Tap Pulls

Custom Patterned Bar Front and Rustic Urn Arrangement

Bride and Groom Portrait on Juice Pouch Cocktails

Vintage and Whimsical Bar with Leaves and String Lights

Rustic Wood Scotch and Cigar Bar with Greenery

Cold Beers in Rustic Bathtub with Rubber Ducks

Intimate, Rustic Champagne Toast at Church of the Holy Innocents in Hoboken, New Jersey

Jello Shots in Plastic Syringes at Wedding Reception

A Camper Parked Outside the Venue Served Custom Margaritas to Guests

La Croix Cans of Sparkling Water at Wedding at Ovation in Chicago, Illinois

Elegant Bar With Wood Shelving at Santa Lucia Preserve in Carmel, California

Illustrated Signature Cocktail Sign at Nature Michigan Retreat in Maple City

Mason Jars with Paper Straws Displayed on Rustic Ladder

Carved Wood Beer Crate

Modern Bar Setup with Art Deco Design and Personalized Sign

Drinks at Champagne-Filled Rustic Wedding

Signature Cocktails With Custom Drink Stirrers

Signature Cocktails at Luchadore Themed Wedding

Rustic Wooden Bar with Greenery and Lettered Sign

DIY Wood Bar with Signage and Bohemian Flowers

Cigar and Scotch Groomsmen Gifts

Art-Deco-Inspired Champagne Servers