Whimsical Striped Bow Tie and Bright Boutonniere

Wedding Party in Traditional Indian Attire

Couple at Traditional Hindu Ceremony

Same-Sex Couple in White Jumpsuit and Blue Embroidered Custom Suit

Bride Wearing Tiara and Beaded Open-Back Wedding Dress

Brides with Updos

Blush, Black and Gray Wedding Party Attire

Bride in a High-Low Dress and Groom in a Navy Suit and Maroon Tie

Interfaith Couple in Traditional Indian Wedding Attire

Couple in Glam Traditional Indian Wedding Attire

Romantic Bridesmaids with Pink Dresses and Whimsical Bouquets

Rustic Couple with Colorful Tambourine and Wood Sign

Gray Suit Jackets and Feather Bow Ties

Long Patterned Bridesmaid Dresses and White Bouquets

Glam Heels with Bead and Feather Embellishments

White Faux Fur Cover-Ups

Couple in Traditional Indian Gold and Red Ceremony Attire

Burgundy Velvet Heels

Bridesmaids in Colorful Mismatched Formal Gowns

Whimsical Wedding Party Photo

Grooms with Colorful Patterned Suit Jackets

Groom in a Blue Plaid Suit Jacket with an Orange Boutonniere

White Rose Cuffs