Rustic Couple at 29 Palms Inn in Twentynine Palms, California

Modern, Bohemian Couple at Hey Babe Ranch in Alpine, California

Rustic Wedding Party Wearing Burgundy Gowns and Black Suits

Modern Latino and Jewish Couple at The Cookery in Durham, North Carolina

Casual Couple in Alternative Attire

Modern Couple with Navy Suit and Mermaid Wedding Dress

Desert Wedding with Ballgown and Pink Suit Attire

Modern Ceremony at Hummingbird Nest Ranch in Simi Valley, California

Modern Floor Decals and Guest Wedding Shoes

Casual Wedding Party with Yellow Dresses and White Dress Shirts

White Wedding Dress with Sheer Detailing

Modern Bride Wearing White Jumpsuit and Glam Diamond Necklace

White and Navy Suit Jackets

Casual Same-Sex Brides Wearing Tulle Skirt and Suit

Black Shoes with Colorful Print

Sleek Bell-Sleeve Sheath Bridal Gown And All-White Magnolia Bouquet

Rustic Couple at Emerald Lake Lodge in British Columbia, Canada

Modern Couple Wearing White Jumpsuit, Black Suit and Colorful Scarf

Trumpet Wedding Dress with Cape and Hip-Hop-Inspired Suit Jacket

Modern Ivory Sneakers with Gold Studs

Pug Dog with Black Bow Tie

Casual Brides with Skirt, Suit and Matching Shirts

Organic, All-Green Boutonnieres