Modern Cheese Cake with Red Flowers

Tiered Square Cake with Wood-Grain Fondant Detail

Mini Peach Pie Desserts in Mason Jars

Late-Night Mac and Cheese Lollipops

Star Trek–Themed Appetizers

Late-Night Dessert of Cookies and Milk Shooters

Coral-Colored Croquembouche

Single-Tier Cutting Cake with Custom Fish Cake Topper

Star Wars–Themed Cake Topper

Freshly Spun Cotton Candy

Tiered Doughnut

Wedding Cake with Blue Ribbon, Fondant Draping and Harry Potter Topper

Dessert Table of Blueberry Mint Panna Cotta

Pie with Animal Toppers

Tall Croquembouche on Dessert Table

Milk and Cookie Dessert Table

Modern Wall Installation with Dessert Display

Luxe Black Marble Fondant Cake

Hot Dogs and Beer Flight on Paddle

Tiered Pie Dessert with Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Colorful Sprinkle-Covered Chocolate-Dipped Pretzel Dessert

Colorful Signature Popsicles

Personalized Flavored Popcorn Snack