Art Deco, Rustic, Southern, Alternative, Wedding Cakes & Desserts

Orange Wedding Cake on Gold Cake Stand

Wedding Cake Decorated With White, Black and Brown Chocolate Shards

Bride and Groom With Wedding Popsicles

Naked Wedding Cake Decorated With Fresh Berries

Tiered Wedding Cake with Flowers

Vegan Wedding Cake Inspired by an African Sunset

Cowhide Three-Tier Wedding Cake for Rustic California Wedding

Black and Gold Wedding Cake With Eight Tiers

Simple Two-Tier Wedding Cake With Sprinkles

Traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony Treats

Bride and Groom With Donuts in Lieu of Cake

Woodland-Themed Wedding Cake With Mushroom Decorations

Picture Frames Hanging Over Dessert Table

Cake on Gold-and-Glass Table in Front of Greenery-Accented Reception Tables

Bohemian Style Dessert Table with Various Pies

Funky Wedding Cake Toppers

Vietnamese and Chinese Wedding Reception Decor

Wedding Cake Donut Tower

Patterned Pale Blue Wedding Cake With Pheasant Feathers

Single-Tier Wedding Cake With Cactus Topper on Swing

A Simple Tiered Wedding Cake with Cake Flowers

Cotton Candy Station During Wedding at Saddle Wood Farms in Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Hamburger Wedding Cake