Same-Sex Couple in White Jumpsuit and Blue Embroidered Custom Suit

Urban Couple with Detroit Skyline Backdrop

Beachfront Wedding Chuppah Decorated With Bold Blooms

Stuffed Domo Bride and Groom

Couple at Stoltzfus Homestead and Gardens

Bridesmaids in White Lace Dresses

Blue Studded Heels with Beading and Pointed Toe

Wedding Shoes with Feathers and Flowers

White Rose Cuffs

Bohemian Bride with Yellow, Red and Pink Bouquet

Same-Sex Couple at Logan Square in Chicago

Ballet Flats with Cat Face and Ankle Strap

Unconventional, Artsy Wedding Gown

Colorful Floral Cuff

Bride in Blue Patterned Shirt and Vest

Black Socks with Hearts and Sparkly Heels

African-American Wedding Party in Royal Blue Attire

Dramatic Black Dropped-Waist Wedding Dress

Bridal Look with Geometric Details and Headpiece

White Converse Sneakers Embellished with Bride's Initials

Bride in a Red Dress and Flower Crown

Colorful, Detailed Wedding Dress Train

Bohemian White High Heels with Lace Detail