Industrial Reception at Urban Artifact in Cincinnati

Colorful Sprinkle-Covered Chocolate-Dipped Pretzel Dessert

Donut Wall Dessert Display

Eclectic Modern Dining Tables

Black and Red Dining Tables

Purple and Gold Reception Decor with Chandeliers

Modern Wall Installation with Dessert Display

Whimsical, Modern Reception Space with Neon Lighting

Tall Croquembouche on Dessert Table

Round Table with Blue Tie-Dye Tablecloth and Wildflower Centerpiece

Dessert Table with Pie Bar

Poolside Head Table at The Belmont Hotel

Dark Metallic Dining Table

Tiered Doughnut

Milk and Cookie Dessert Table

Industrial Wedding Reception at at Craft Brewery

Long Wood Dining Tables Inside Industrial Gym

Black-and-White-Striped Dining Table

Natural Wooden Reception Cutlery Tied with Rosemary