Althea & Ryan: A Summer Wedding in Seattle, WA

When in doubt about enrolling at a particular college, look to your tour guide for a sign. As Althea was making the rounds of college tours in January of 1996, she found that she didn't need to look any further after meeting Ryan at Seattle University. (She later learned that he had given her the extended tour.) The Bride Althea Chow, 30, elementary school teacher The Groom Ryan Liddell, 30, GIS analyst The Date August 19, 2006 However, the two didn't exchange phone numbers until an alumni function five years later, and even then, Althea waited several months to call. When she finally did, it was to ask Ryan to borrow slides from his trip to Kenya so she could show her students during a class unit on Africa. To say thanks, Althea suggested going out to dinner, although Ryan insisted on paying. For their next date -- which they both consider their first intentional date -- on the day before Christmas Eve, they went to see The Royal Tenenbaums. Now they watch it on DVD on that same day every year to commemorate the inexplicable draw that first brought them together.