Aly & Nik: An Outdoor Wedding in Ann Arbor, MI

With no real theme in mind, Aly and Nik planned an intimate affair filled with personalization and color. “We just wanted the wedding to be comfortable and laid-back like we are,” Aly explains. The Bride Alyson (Aly) DeQuardo The Groom Nikolas (Nik) Thompson The Date June 4 Aly, 24, and Nik, 26, could’ve let the trials and tribulations of wedding planning get the best of them. And who could blame them -- five weeks prior to their wedding, a fire in their apartment wiped out nearly everything, including most of the invitations. But they kept wits about them, phoning and emailing friends and family to spread the word of their impending nuptials. “We didn’t let it stress us out too much,” says Aly, an impressive bride. The two, both students, met playing softball on a team of friends; “I thought she looked cute fielding ground balls,” says Nik. He saved for three years to buy the perfect ring, which he used to pop the question during a Valentine’s Day dinner.” I proposed on one knee in front of hundreds of people,” remembers Nik. “Aly was caught completely off guard.”