Amber & Josh: An Outdoor Wedding in Breckenridge, CO

Joshua and his college roommate wanted to celebrate their new apartment, but they couldn’t open the wine. Josh spotted Amber strumming a guitar on a nearby balcony, so he asked her for a cork screw. She offered him a ceiling hook instead. They were hooked on each other soon after. The Bride Amber Park, 31, an account executive The Groom Joshua (Josh) LeBaron, 34, a national sales manager The Date September 26 Following graduation, Josh moved east for a job, and the two struggled through a long-distance relationship. Then, fate stepped in. Josh had planned to attend an event at the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001, but changed his mind about going the day before. After the terrorist attacks, the couple realized life was too short to live so far away from each other. Josh moved back to Colorado and proposed to Amber a few years later.