Amy & Jaime: A Winter Wedding in St. Paul, MN

Lead singers of rock bands are no strangers to adoring fans. But when Amy offered to help lead singer Jaime carry his band’s equipment, he was smitten. “My friend invited me to see a band called Misfit Toys at Sweeney’s Saloon in St. Paul,” remembers Amy. “I thought they were great and thought the singer was cute, but didn’t get a chance to meet him that night.” The Bride Amy Swart, 31, physician assistant The GroomJaime Smith, 32, technology sales The Date February 18 A few months later, the same band (but with a new name) played at Cabooze in Minneapolis, and this time Amy got her chance to talk to Jaime. “He was really fun to talk with so I invited him to a benefit party a few days later, and the rest is history,” says Amy. Two years later, the pair was relaxing and listening to music at Amy’s house when “At Last” by Etta James came on the stereo. “It was during that song that he proposed,” Amy says.