Amy & Kevin: A Destination Wedding in Rochester, MI

Kevin literally could not wait to ask Amy to marry him. On the night before a weekend getaway that Kevin had planned for the couple, the pair met some friends for dinner. Kevin took the ring with him to show one of his friends while Amy wasn’t looking. It was all Kevin could do to keep his mind off the ring, and after deciding that he just could not wait until the next day, Kevin altered his plans. As they left the restaurant, Kevin secretly told all their friends to meet them at a bar around the corner. He then suggested to Amy that they take a walk in downtown Lansing, despite the freezing temperatures. The Bride Amy Miller, 32, a physician The Groom Kevin Mulcaster, 32, an aviation planner The Date May 11 As they stood looking up at the state Christmas tree in front of the capital building, Kevin got down on one knee and waited for Amy to turn around. When she did, Amy was speechless. Her huge smile and tears of happiness were all the answer Kevin needed. Kevin then took Amy to the bar where their friends were waiting to celebrate their engagement.