Amy & Shawn: A Winter Wedding in Issaquah, WA

Amy and Shawn planned a big wedding filled with the warmth of the Christmas season. Their perfect setting? A big, red barn! THE BRIDE Amy Heider, a program manager THE GROOM Shawn Logan, a computer programmer THE DATE December 9 One Saturday afternoon in August 2001, Amy and Shawn came upon the Issaquah Farmers' Market. The two had spent the day scouting wedding locations, intent on finding a setting that fit their rustic but elegant vision of the celebration. As soon as we pulled into the parking lot at the farmers' market and saw the big red barn, I told Shawn, 'This is the place!' He thought I was joking, says Amy. But the Pickering Barn, as it is called, was perfect. There is a large hayloft with wooden floors and high ceilings that felt like a sanctuary, according to Amy, and there is a long, low dairy barn big enough for the couple's 325 guests to be seated for dinner.