An "Alice in Wonderland"-Inspired Wedding at Publick House Historic Inn in Sturbridge, Massachuesettes

Jill Apelgren (34 and an attorney) and Derek Rogers (32 and an attorney) didn't set out to have an Alice in Wonderland-themed wedding. They just didn't want boring table linens. But soon, Jill found herself feeling inspired by the eclectic look of their venue, Publick House Historic Inn—add a few mismatched vintage teacups, and soon a theme was born. The bride used her Mad Hatter-esque inspiration as a loose guideline for the wedding reception decor, incorporating antique keys, old books, teacup towers and antique teapots. The winter setting sparked the idea to skip flowers, instead working with object-based centerpieces and a brooch bouquet hand-wired by the bride herself.  "It all could have passed for just a vintage/literature theme (We had Mark Twain readings during the ceremony) until I got 'Alice in Wonderland'-themed tea favors with "Drink Me" written on them," says Jill. -Michelle Thomas