An Apple-Inspired Fall Wedding at Historic John P. Furber Farm in Cottage Grove, Minnesota

Sarah Nelson (26 and a teacher) and Matthew Nelson (26 and a customer operations specialist) met in high school while working at a movie theater. (Their first date, to see "Transformers," was at the theater where they worked.) They dated for five and a half years, got engaged, broke up, kept in touch, then started dating again in 2015. The first time Sarah and Matt got engaged, it was an elaborate proposal in front of the theater where they met. “The second time we got engaged, we really just looked at each other and decided we weren’t fooling anyone—we were going to get married,” Sarah says. “So we just started planning.” To signify a fresh start, Sarah traded in her first engagement ring and the couple chose a new one together. For a color scheme, they went with maroon and bold teal accents, candy apple red and hints of green. A huge fan of apples, Sarah originally had wanted to get married at an orchard, but “you can’t have an indoor reception at an apple orchard in the fall because the space is used to store apples,” she says. A friend recommended the Historic John P. Furber Farm in Cottage Grove, Minnesota, and “I fell in love with the space,” Sarah says. It wasn’t an orchard, but it was the next best thing—a heated rustic barn and one that was capable of taking on an orchard-esque feel with a little creative magic (and a lot of apple decor). The entire wedding directly reflected the couple. “We didn’t want to do an over-the-top Cinderella wedding,” Sarah says. “We wanted people to stay and have a good time.” And that’s exactly what happened. —Chrissy Sorenson