An Artistic Wedding at the Children's Museum in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

Heather and Sami were introduced by a friend one night at a rugby pub and quickly found that they shared many interests. As they got to know each other more, their minds and hearts revealed their feelings for each other and started dating. One night, the couple was sitting alone near a fountain of a small outdoor restaurant called Cafe Du Jour. Sami wasn't a big drinker, but Heather noticed that she was drinking two beverages at the same time. All of a sudden, Sami handed Heather a card with "Will You?" written on it, and then a ring. After getting engaged, the couple started looking for the perfect venue in Pittsburg and stumbled across the Children's Museum. It had enough space for guests, a good price and provided a fun environment for friends and family of all ages. It was perfect fit for the happily engaged couple.