An At-Home Wedding in West Creek, New Jersey

Ashley (27 and a hair stylist) and Marty (29 and an electrician) met when Marty worked with Ashley's grandmother at a produce store. "My grandma absolutely loved him! But we didn't start dating until years later when he drove me home from a concert," says Ashley. "Little did we both know it would lead to this!" Three years later, Marty proposed. "He got down on one knee on the beach near the concert he drove me home from. I had no idea whatsoever," says Ashley. "He also asked my dad's permission which I find very important."The wedding took place in a huge field in Marty's childhood hometown. "It was big enough to have three three tents we needed and still have that rustic feel. Our colors were soft pastels -- pink, cream, teal and tan. It was shabby-chic meets woodland." To achieve the look, Marty and Ashley visited a lot of yard sales, antique stores and barns to find their details. "Marty also made a huge pallet bar and pallet wall -- they were both huge hits!" says Ashley. "I would say our whole wedding reflected us. Everything from all the lace and burlap to the deer heads we had hanging up in the bar area. I wanted to look back at our wedding day and just fall in love all over again with everything."