An Autumn-Themed, Vintage-Inspired Wedding at Mayowood Stone Barn in Rochester, Minnesota

Nicole Mills-Novoa (32 and a designer) and Randy Orvis (31 and an information security analyst) met on St. Patrick’s Day, dated for two years and knew they were meant to be. Randy proposed on Thanksgiving at a romantic spot on his parents’ property, while standing on a bridge over a creek. Over the next year, they planned and saved money for their wedding day, “working with friends and family to bring the celebration to fruition,” Nicole says. The couple wanted a harvest-themed fall wedding, and since Halloween was the only available date at Mayowood Stone Barn in Rochester, Minnesota, they were “over the moon with possibility.” As a designer, Nicole pulled inspiration from photographs to create a palette, draw from the bright and bold color of fall leaves, added candlelight for a romantic touch and peppered the celebration with “Halloween touches,” including an extensive candy buffet, an illuminated flower crown, romantic and mysterious portraits and a masquerade ball. Unconventional ceremony music included covers by Nina Simone and Cat Power. Readings were from I Ching (ancient Chinese classics), E.E. Cummings, novelist Louis de Bernieres and the Song of Solomon 9:6-7. The couple wrote and read their own vows. “It was so meaningful and delightfully personal,” Nicole says. “We are so proud of how perfectly our ceremony represented who we are and who we intend to be.” Her advice to other couples? "Let your wedding celebrate the life you choose to live,” Nicole says. —Chrissy Sorenson