An Autumn Wedding at a Private Residence in St. Louis, Missouri

Kassie Weber (30 and an art therapist) and Daniel Bannister (29 and a director of sales) had a small, personal ceremony at Kassie’s parents’ home in S

Kassie Weber (30 and an art therapist) and Daniel Bannister (29 and a director of sales) had a small, personal ceremony at Kassie’s parents’ home in St. Louis, Missouri. “Many special moments have taken place here, so we decided it was the best setting for this intimate occasion,” Kassie says. The decorations were kept simple, with candles and flower arrangements surrounding the couple. The theme of the ceremony was weaving, with two families joining together as one. This was demonstrated during the ceremony and later at the reception, when the couple, the wedding party and the guests weaved pieces of ribbon on a large wooden loom created by Kassie and her father. “We ended up with a multicolored tapestry that symbolized the many different important people in our lives coming together,” Kassie says. The elegant tent reception took place in the Webers’ backyard, complete with beautiful autumn centerpieces, hanging floral arrangements, a food truck, sparklers and a high-energy live band. It was simple and elegant. Kassie’s advice to other couples is not to get so caught up in wedding planning that you lose sight of the big picture. “You two are making this big, beautiful commitment to each other," she says. "Take it seriously, then celebrate with great love and wild joy.” —Chrissy Sorenson

Kassie found her gown, a sample dress, at Glamour Closet— the last store she visited after a long day of shopping in Chicago, Illinois. "What a gem," she says.
Kassie's bridesmaids helped her with the final touches before showtime.
Kassie's bouquet was loose and textural, featuring the perfect autumn palette of cream, burgundy, green, gold and pops of pastels for added interest.
The bridesmaids chose their own long dresses in any style and color of their preference, but Kassie’s two sisters wore off-white dresses to coordinate with Kassie’s gown. The groom and groomsmen wore classic black tuxes.
The bridesmaids all wore clips or crowns of fresh flowers in their hair, with ribbons cascading down their back.
Dan accessorized his classic black tux with a bright ranunculus boutonniere.
Greenery and rose garlands were wrapped around the banister to dress up the space and add a memorable, elegant detail inside the residence.
The focal point of the ceremony was a loom, made by Kassie and her dad. The arching theme was "weaving together two families." Parents and grandparents were the first to string their ribbons onto the loom. The wedding party followed. Kassie and Dan passed out ribbons to guests to weave during the reception, then wove their own two ribbons right before exchanging vows.
The menu was printed and displayed near floral arrangements so guests knew which course was next.
Gold and red flowers and a touch of greenery carried a simple autumn theme onto the white buttercream cake.
Kassie and her sisters grew up typing on a vintage typewriter, repaired and resurrected for this special occasion. Kassie borrowed the idea from a friend to have guests type well wishes, funny stories or sentimental notes on the typing paper, in lieu of a guest book. "We ended up framing a few of our favorites," she says. "It was a great way to capture the spirit of the night."
Seasonal autumn flowers were displayed in vintage gold vases of various heights and shapes, creating visual interest on the tables.
Kassie's dad hung the floral centerpiece over the head table, creating an elegant effect in the modern tent reception.
Candles and a single strand of twinkle lights inside the perimeter of the tent created a romantic glow when the sun went down.
The band was "truly a wonderful group to work with, and so very talented," Kassie says. "I just can't rave about them enough."
One of the couple's favorite food trucks served guests snacks later in the evening.
The couple borrowed a friend's car the night of their wedding, and Dan's brother-in-law volunteered be their driver at the last minute. "We forgot to plan out that piece of it," Kassie says.
Gone are the days of blowing bubbles or throwing rice at the newly married couple. Guests sent Kassie and Dan off into the night with fun and festive sparklers.