An Earthy Lord of the Rings Inspired Wedding at the Warner Theatre in Erie, Pennsylvania

Felicia Castorina (23) and Joseph Spade (24) met through mutual friends in high school and have been together ever since. The two consider themselves

Felicia Castorina (23) and Joseph Spade (24) met through mutual friends in high school and have been together ever since. The two consider themselves to be far from a traditional couple which made their attire and decor all the more exciting. The groom, fully dressed in a White Ranger Power Rangers suit for the ceremony, was only the first look in the Lord of the Rings themed reception. An earthy palette of browns, oranges and greens filled the historic Warner Theatre with pops of fun, themed props. Guests were handed origami fortune tellers as the program while they watched bridesmaids walk down the aisle holding dark, gothic lanterns. As the area was transitioned into the reception, the tables were set with centrepieces made of branches and moss, brightened with orange flare the couple found at a craft store. The bouquets polished off the 'No Flowers' look, made entirely of comic book origami flowers. Once the reception began, guests dug in to a round of passed appetisers followed by a decadent meal of baked chicken and eggplant ratatouille. Their side theme of Lord of the Rings could be seen in the Shire inspired cake and cupcakes. Felicia and Joseph were able to design their wedding in a way that perfectly reflected their fun and quirky interests while creating an air of class and elegance.

Not only did the bride craft the centrepieces, but she even crafted her bouquet out of comic book pages. She first made the pages into origami flowers and then arranged them into the final bouquet.
The bridesmaids bouquets were lanterns, an alternative twist on the traditional bouquet. They each personalized their own and got to keep them at the end of the night. They had pictures of their families inside with tea lights, christmas lights and small structures fashioned from metal wire.
Custom Made Bridal Jewelry
Accessorising the Bride
The groom loved the idea of a fun costume so he got a custom made Power Rangers suit and helmet from Aniki Cosplay. He did change out of it during the reception because with the summer weather he would have gotten overheated.
Wedding Party at Warner Theatre
The ceremony and reception were held in the same area of the Warner Theatre. For the ceremony, guests chairs were turned to face the bride and groom with a clear aisle space. For the reception, everyone simply turned their chairs to the table.
The bride and grooms personality was included in every aspect of the planning process. The programs were folded into little fortune tellers which opened up and where guests could see a different part of the event under each flap.
Quirky Theatre Ceremony
The wedding favors were also handcrafted, some from Perler beads and and others from things the bride and groom both enjoy. The general idea was video games, cartoons and comics.
Bright decorations covered the tables and chairs. The tables held the earthy palette of brown and moss while the chairs brought in a pop of colour. Each was wrapped in different coloured and patterned ribbons.
The centerpieces were made of branches, moss and some fun orange pieces the bride and groom found at a craft store. They crafted all of the centrepieces themselves!
Felicia and Joe had a small red velvet cake shaped as the hobbit hole from Lord of the Rings and all of the cupcakes were handcrafted by their good friend.  Each was fashioned to represent something from the movie like swords, the ring, hobbit feet, etc. and were flavored root beer and creamcicle.
Felicia and Joe made sure to keep everything in their fun, quirky style which included the cake. Their Hobbit Shire themed cake was cut with a sword inspired by Zelda.
Treasure Box of Wedding Favors
Historic Theatre First Dance