An Eclectic, Bohemian Wedding at Chinaquapin Ranch in Mountain Home, Texas

Katie Stahl (31 and an artist) and Aaron Smith’s (31 and an engineer) festive and fun outdoor wedding highlighted the gorgeous fall weather with minimal, rustic and vintage-inspired décor.

Katie and Aaron wanted to get married “somewhere where all the events could be held in one spot and our wedding party could stay on-site for the weekend—sort of like an adult summer camp!” the bride says. For their save-the-dates, the couple asked their designer to draw two otters holding hands, since otters hold hands to keep from floating away from each other. “We loved how they turned out and ended up using them throughout the wedding, including on our invitations, welcome signs, ring box, escort cards and table numbers,” Katie says. 

“To match the feel and setting of the wedding, I wanted a dress that was comfortable and not too fussy,” Katie says. She chose a vintage-inspired lace dress and paired it with a flower crown and simple gold jewelry.

“I ended up going barefoot at the last minute, Katie says of ditching chambray flats the morning of the wedding.

Before the ceremony, guests sipped on agua frescas. Their glasses were decorated with colorful friendship bracelets for them to wear and take home.

Instead of a cake, the pair offered ice cream and chocolate, apple and blueberry pies. “And because we didn’t want to completely miss out on having a wedding cake, we had a wedding cake piñata custom made,” Katie says. “Instead of having the cake cutting, we broke open the piñata.”