An Eclectic Halloween-Themed Wedding at The Cheney Place in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Horror-crazed couple Katie Tyne (29 and a morgue assistant) and Ryan Brinkerhoff (30 and a creative manager and graphic designer) relied on skull artifacts, vintage test tubes and bone-white details to bring their grave nuptials to life. “Til Death Do Us Part” was an obvious theme for the lifelong Halloween enthusiasts, who wed on Devil’s Night in a loft lined with mid-century modern furniture. “We consider October to be ‘our month,’ so it was important we showcase our personalities and style on our wedding day,” Katie says. The theme song from The Munsters played as newlyweds Katie and Ryan walked back up the aisle. Bell jars, black candles and brass accents filled the brick-walled venue, where guests gathered to sip pumpkin ale and witch potion cocktails. After the newlyweds shared a first dance to Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy the Silence,” partygoers sunk their teeth into pumpkin spice cupcakes and treats from a taco bar.