An Elaborate Rustic Wedding at the Farm at Eagles Ridge in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

"Theatric" only begins to describe this over-the-top celebration. Combining memories from their 12-year relationship, bold textures and their city-mee

"Theatric" only begins to describe this over-the-top celebration. Combining memories from their 12-year relationship, bold textures and their city-meets-country personalities, David Everett (41 and a wedding and event producer at Weddings by JDK) and Lee Bastyr (41 and a farmer) went all-out for an elaborate, rustic wedding. "It was all about the combining the big-city feel with the the Farm at Eagles Ridge as the backdrop," David says. "I wanted the guests to feel the fast-paced energy and style of a big city had been brought into a beautiful barn in the midst of farmland in Lancaster, Pennsylvania." With some help from florists at Weddings by JDK—as well as planners from Planned Perfection and coordinators from both That's It Wedding Concepts and Bespoke Moments, they pulled it off. Guests were invited into the reception by an paperboy who gave out "Big Day News" newspaper-inspired programs. The theatrics continued with a live aerialist performer at the center of the cocktail hour and a six-tier industrial-style wedding cake fit for their love of sweets. If that wasn't enough, keys were used throughout the decor to acknowledge the "key to my heart" David gave Lee on their first Valentine’s Day. "Each weekend I have the opportunity to create a fairytale for my clients," David says. "On the night of our wedding, I wanted the ones I love the most to live in our fairytale and know how much we loved every one of them." Catch every detail of their extravagant affair, shot by Leslie Gilbert Photography, below.

As a celebration of their first Christmas together, David gave Lee a watch-detailed money clip engraved with “time stood still when I met you.” For their wedding, David and Lee wore this industrial pocket square covered with parts from a deconstructed clock to acknowledge the saying. A succulent and green dianthus also tied in their rustic vibe.
Vintage-Style Bicycle with White Peonies
“Since we had been together for over 12 years, we pulled in the theme of finally tying the knot,” David says. Their custom ceremony backdrop reflected this to a T. The base of natural eucalyptus was connected to dozens of knotted gold rope. Each one had rustic, hanging succulents, keys and glass votives tied to the ends.
Hanging Succulent Ceremony Backdrop Accent
The Farm at Eagles Ridge Rustic Outdoor Ceremony
Formal Outdoor Ceremony With Rustic Backdrop
The couple wanted to add theatrics to the day, and their pre-ceremony was no exception. Guests received newspaper-inspired programs from an actual paperboy who looked like he was straight out of the early 1900s. The best part: The articles told stories about their relationship.
David and Lee grabbed everyone’s attention with a live aerialist whose performance was smack-dab in the middle of their cocktail hour. Even more, the band Second Hand Suits gave the performer music to swing to.
Even their escort card display was over the top! All guests (including David) found their escort cards hanging from actual vintage parasols held by the venue’s staff. Each umbrella had a sign with the name range of cards under its fabric.
Rope-Detailed Reception Entrance Curtain
All-Black and Navy Wedding Party
"I wanted to tell a story about our lives and families at the wedding. We took the time to collect pictures and memories from our past that gave a little insight to our lives from the beginning," David says. "We wanted each guest to feel like they knew us and were a part of our family. The rocking horse I used to ride as a child was a part of the design. I also incorporated one of my most prized possessions: the ladder my nanny used to get out each holiday and teach me how to bring a festive feel to her home."
“On our first Valentine’s Day, I gave Lee a special wood box that held the key to my heart,” says David. To represent this sweet part of their relationship, they used keys throughout the reception decor, including half of the table numbers. Each wooden accent was decorated with a set of copper keys along the front.
Representing their juxtaposing backgrounds and personalities, David and Lee picked out a custom sweetheart table for their reception at the Farm at Eagles Ridge in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. A eucalyptus garland covered the front of their wooden seating, while silver marquees of their initials accented the center. Three rustic birdcages filled with greenery, curly willow tips and candlelight also hung overhead. “It was important to pull in as many types of metals, woods and textiles to help tell a design story of our love,” David says.
Lush Tulip and Greenery-Filled Centerpieces
Urban Rustic Bar With Mismatched Wood
Modern Centerpiece With Hydrangeas and Astilbes
Their theme of mixed textures was not lost on the wedding cake. Martine Cajas of The House of Clarendon baked this elaborate ivory confection covered with different modern textures that resembled metal, patterned fabric, embossed brackets and so much more on every single tier. If that wasn’t enough, a light installation was placed at the center to resemble Edison light bulbs.
Since David works in the wedding industry, he knew all the best pastry pros and couldn't have just one dessert option. In addition to an elaborate six-tier wedding cake by Martine Cajas at the House of Clarendon, they had cupcakes from the Couture Cakery and an incredible amount of candy supplied by David’s coworkers. David and Lee's shared love of sweets was certainly satisfied that day.