An Elegant, Backyard Wedding in St. Clair, Michigan

Matt Wise (28 and an attorney) and Annie Moore (26 and a professional tennis player) met 11 years ago while attending a summer tennis tournament. Despite immediate chemistry, Matt and Annie solely remained friends for almost ten years while other commitments took them in different directions. Then, in early 2012, they reconnected and began spending more and more time together and, surely enough, their relationship blossomed. After over a year of dating, Matt snuck out of the house to spray paint a heart in Annie's snow-covered front yard with the words, "Marry me?" in the middle. Matt anxiously woke Annie and insisted she look out her window to see something outside. When she finally understood what she was seeing, she turned around to see Matt down on one knee with a ring. Matt and Annie decided to have their wedding in Annie's parents' backyard on the St. Clair River in Michigan. Annie's family has lived in St. Clair for over 100 years and with the passing of her father the February before, having the wedding in Annie's parents' backyard was a significant part of their day. Opting for a classic, elegant style, Annie chose a strapless, tulle gown. As a tribute to her father, Annie cut a heart out of one of his blue dress shirts and her mother sewed it onto the back of her dress. She also wore one of her mother's pearl necklaces that was given to her by her father. Matt and Annie dressed their groomsmen in gray suits and their bridesmaids in knee-length, pale pink dresses with sequin details with hope that they could all wear their outfits again some day. The theme of the wedding was simple and elegant. "We considered making it black tie," Annie said. "But ultimately decided that this was not consistent with the guest-friendly theme we desired." Annie owns a blog and invitation business called Peonies & Polka Dots and was able to create all of the invitations and programs. With the threat of a hot summer day , Annie made sure to make programs that could be turned into fans for their guests with the words, "some music plays, we get married, everyone celebrates," describing the short ceremony. To maintain a level of elegance, they made sure the decor was designed accordingly. With a rented tent liner, they added chandeliers, sequin table cloths, and gold chairs. Bouquets were a mix of peonies, anemones and garden roses in soft pink tones. Annie's mother is a member of the St. Clair Garden Club so she and some of the other members created the centerpieces with various white arrangements. Matt and Annie's wedding truly personified their theme of simple and elegant with the backyard style setting and beautiful decor.