An Elegant Barn Wedding at a Private Residence in Ellsworth, Wisconsin

Melissa Swanson (18 and a nursing student) and Joel Shuneson (19 and a graphic design student) met for the first time through a school basketball team when they were just 14, and dated for four years before getting engaged. "We knew we wanted to get married very early on," Melissa says. "Most people don't understand why a couple as young as we are would want to get married at our age, but we can't imagine doing life without each other. We are each other's rock and constant companion." Melissa and Joel were married in a sweet outdoor ceremony on Joel's family's property followed by an elegant, rustic-chic barn reception. Melissa outfitted their day in a light, airy palette of pastel corals, sea foam and lavender with pops of bright pink. The day's cheerful color scheme was best captured by the mismatched bridesmaid dresses—each was a different pastel hue. The day's most touching detail was the foot-washing ceremony during the vows. "A lot of people had never seen that before, but it was meant to be a testimony to serving each other and putting each other before ourselves," Melissa says. —Meghan Overdeep