An Elegant Black and White Museum Wedding at the Art Institute of Chicago in Illinois

RD (30 and a CPA) used to be the roommate of one of Ariana’s (31 and in advertising) coworkers, so it wasn’t unusual for them to meet at a bar after one of Ariana’s company softball games. When Ariana showed up late, most of her coworkers had already left, so she struck up a conversation with RD. The two ended up talking all night and grabbing a slice of pizza even though, as Ariana says, “He was hardly my ‘type’—this 6’ tall, Irish Catholic with red hair and freckles.” Ariana learned that RD was planning on backpacking through Europe and bought a new camera for the occasion, so she took the opportunity to invite him to a photography class that quickly turned into their first date—they were the only two people in the class. Three years later, on RD’s 30th birthday and her father’s 60th, Ariana took her two favorite men on a weekend trip to Indiana with a few friends and family members. One night of the trip, RD asked Ariana to walk the dog with him, and as they returned to the house and rounded the corner, Ariana saw the patio glowing with tea lights that their family had helped to set up for RD’s big proposal. While she can’t remember much of what was said, Ariana says, “Mostly I was amazied that while this weekend was largely about me surprising him, he managed to flip it around and give me the biggest surprise of my life.” Ariana knew exactly where she wanted to have her wedding: the gardens of the Art Institute of Chicago, where their first date at the photography class had concluded. Together, Ariana and RD through an elegant black and white affair with extra emphasis on the food and, of course, the photography.