An Elegant Boho Wedding at Eolia Mansion at Harkness State Park in Waterford, Connecticut

Celia Kelly (30 and a manager at ESPN) and Terrell Bouza (30 and a producer at ESPN) planned an intimate, bohemian wedding with an eye-catching palette of wine, navy and sage. From the flavorful Cuban menu to the fruit-dyed stationery, every element of the early fall fete was punctuated with personality. The couple worked with the caterer from the Cuban restaurant where they had their first date to craft their menu with "pollo moderna" as the main course. For the decor, natural wood details, candlelight and playful DIY accents created a warm, inviting ambiance. Handmade details included wood signs and a custom flower wall made from thousands of hand-cut paper petals. “It was the most daunting DIY of them all,” Celia jokes. For dessert, guests sampled mini key limes and a citrus cake filled with lemon curd.