An Elegant, Burgundy Wedding at the Windsor at Hebron Park in Carrollton, Texas

Marked by the warmth of deep burgundy, Rhys Studebaker (28 and an accountant) and Russell Peterson's (29 and a physician liaison) Texas sunset wedding was rich in color and texture. Throughout all floral arrangements and bridesmaid dresses, a rich Marsala wine color was featured, adding depth to the setting. Lush greens, both the estate's and the couple's decorations, provided another dimension of color. The green hues of the ivy on the Windsor's terrace and in bouquets and centerpieces brought a garden-party feel to the day. "We kept with the romantic theme on the flowers to help tie everything together," Rhys says. The Windsor at Hebron Park in Carrollton, Texas, was the centralized location, thanks to the on-site chapel. Romantic streams of sunlight spilled in through the windows and offered views of the venue's natural vegetation. For the reception, a clean palette of white and silver allowed for the Marsala accents to really pop. —Allie Volpe