An Elegant, Contemporary Wedding at The Rattlesnake Club in Detroit, Michigan

Kayliegh McEachern (27 and a clinical study coordinator) and Paul McEachern’s (31 and a project manager and estimator) wedding was all about timeless elegance with a contemporary twist. Finding a venue on the water was key for Kayliegh and Paul, as was a prime location in downtown Detroit, Michigan, a city they both love. The Rattlesnake Club was the perfect fit, offering a picturesque patio overlooking the Detroit River and beautiful views of the city skyline and Canadian shore. The couple spent a year and a half planning the sophisticated soiree, but the day took an unexpected turn when rain put their original plans for an outdoor ceremony and cocktail hour on the back burner. “Time lines and minutes suddenly went through the window. But it didn’t bother us. We were so ready to marry each other,” Kayliegh says. “On May 30 nothing else mattered—the hot, rainy weather, the soaked wedding dress, messed-up makeup from the rain. Even the piano stopped working. When you marry your best friend, all you need is each other to show up and say ‘I do.’ ” The Rattlesnake Club quickly executed a plan B, organizing an indoor ceremony in record time in the venue’s impressive six-story Atrium, a breathtaking blend of marble, brick and glass. The club then flipped the space for the reception, while the couple and their guests enjoyed a decadent cocktail hour, dressing each table with white linens and modern arrangements of white tulips and baby’s breath displayed beautifully in sleek hurricane vases. The decor perfectly reflected the couple’s style, a blend of elegance and simplicity, but still fit the space’s contemporary aesthetic. After a sit-down dinner, Kayliegh, Paul and their guests hit the dance floor, where they danced the night away to the sounds of Elysium Entertainment, pausing only to visit the couple’s playful photo booth. A tip from Kayliegh: “Just have fun. Nothing will happen exactly like it's supposed to. Things will go wrong, things will go perfectly right, and the things that weren't planned will be your favorite memories. Don't lose sight of why you are there; as long as your partner shows up, nothing else matters. Enjoy every minute!”