An Elegant Country Barn Wedding at Branded T Ranch in Kendalia, Texas

Savannah (26 and a stay-at-home mom) and Christopher (27 and in midstream operations) met through a mutual friend at a movie theatre ten years prior to their wedding. As Savannah describes, "We dated on and off through high school, but like most young boys, they break your heart." Savannah was 23 and waiting tables when she ran into Chris's older sister, who told her Chris moved back to their hometown and encouraged her to give him a call. Savannah sent him a casual "hello" text and later found one missed call from him at the end of her shift. She called back, and they talked for an hour, for which she says, "I was shocked because Chris has never been the talking type and hated to be on the phone." They kept up communication and eventually started dating, moved in together, and welcomed their first daughter, Landry. Chris proposed at Christmas six months after the birth of their daughter, where Savannah opened a wrapped present that turned out to be an engagement ring! They threw their dream Texan-style country wedding at Branded T Ranch in Kendalia, Texas, complete with cowboy boots, shotgun shell boutonnieres, and a custom groom's cake designed to look like a can of chewing tobacco.