An Elegant, DIY Winery Wedding at The Winery SF in San Francisco, California

One afternoon, Lilly Bellman (27 and a pediatrician) and Tim Barribeau (30 and an editor) had a romantic park picnic of charcuterie, cheese and wine outdoors in Indianapolis, where Tim proposed to Lilly. Their elegant wedding took place at The Winery SF, a winery on Treasure Island, located in between San Francisco and Oakland, California. The venue was a converted aircraft hangar with industrial elements and a gorgeous view of the San Francisco skyline. Instead of a specific color palette, the couple decided to decorate in neutral hues that complemented the natural, urban surroundings. Jewish traditions were incorporated into the wedding ceremony, from signing the ketubah to the handmade huppah and smashing glasses on the floor. Many friends and family members helped create DIY details for the wedding, from the flower arrangements that decorated the ceremony and reception to the invitations and guest book made by a personal friend. “Above everything else, we turned to our friends and loved ones to try and make the day as special as possible,” Lilly says.