An Elegant Fall Wedding at the St. Paul Athletic Club in St. Paul, Minnesota

Angela Arnold (26 and a Catholic middle school teacher) had known Mike Vinkemeier (25 and a chiropractic student) for 8 years before they began dating

Angela Arnold (26 and a Catholic middle school teacher) had known Mike Vinkemeier (25 and a chiropractic student) for 8 years before they began dating, having spent some time living in the same town on and off as their families moved around. One weekend in September, Angela had been finishing up one of her grad school classes when Mike invited her over for a date. They went out for dinner and drinks at the place they had gone to for their first date and as she began walking up the stairs to the restaurant, Mike proposed while his sister took surprise pictures. The ceremony was held at Our Lady of Victory Chapel at St. Catherines University, the church they attended together while Angela had been living in St. Paul. The couple, along with their wedding party, then boarded a trolley to meet their friends and family at the reception. The ballroom was an ornate venue on it's own so Angela and Mike decorated the room in neutral tones of gray and gold with hints of navy and peach to provide some pops of color. The center table held tale trees from which hung ivory tea candles. Each surrounding table was centered with a flowing bouquet of ivory and beach blossoms in magnolia leaves. The couple wanted to include their religious beliefs throughout the wedding and had their meal blessed before guests enjoyed a dinner of sirloin steak topped with fried onions, asparagus and wild rice. Angela and Mike put together a special dessert bar which was accompanied by hours of dancing and late night pizza.

Ivory and Black Invitations
Angela and Michael had gone together once or twice to look at rings and find a style she'd like. She loved the Halo setting so Michael decided to go with a cushion cut in a halo setting in white gold. Their wedding rings were silver and Angela's was diamond to match her engagement ring.
The bride wore a Steven Birbaum gown from Posh in Wayzata, Minnesota. She wanted a fun flirty dress that she would be able to dance in. She added fun earrings from J.Crew and a homemade belt created by local business owner A.B Ellie.
Black and White Groom Getting Ready
Outside Church First Look
Angela's bridesmaids wore a comfortable silk Faille dress from Flutter Bridesmaids in Minneapolis. The color was a combination of Royal Blue and Navy. They accessorized with fun necklaces from Lizzibeth, owned by the brides college friend, and earrings from Banana Republic.
The groomsmen wore charcoal gray suits with tonal navy ties. The groom also wore a charcoal gray suit but stood out in a navy and gray striped tie to accent his navy suspenders.  Only the groom and best man wore a simple rose boutonniere.
The couple decided they wanted to get married at Our Lady of Victory Chapel at St. Kates in St. Paul. The bride's parents were sweethearts from St. Thomas and St. Kates so it was a great way for them to tie in their family stories. Mike and Angela attended this church while dating when she lived in St. Paul.
The bride and groom had a vocalist perform during the ceremony who is a close family friend.  Angela also made sure to include a group of the students she teaches. She had them perform a special song during the unity candle ceremony.
Church Recessional
The bride and groom rode with their wedding party in a trolley to the reception. On the way, they stopped at Bar Louis for a quick drink. It was a fun way for all of their events to come full circle since it was where we had their first date, the proposal, and then their wedding day!
Ivory Escort Cards with Candles
The couple wanted to decorate the room in subtle neutrals and light accents of color. They used a soft palette of gray and gold with hints of navy and peach.   They wanted the flowers to be simple decorated the table with bouquets of ivory and peach with magnolia leaves.
Angela and Michael included their beliefs in every aspect of the wedding. They had a blessing for the dinner which was sung to the tune of Edelweiss and served a meal of sirloin topped with fried onions, asparagus, and wild rice.
The bride and groom had a one-tier buttercream cake alongside and assortment of delicious desserts. They put together an entire buffet complete with shooters, mini cheesecakes and cake pops.
First Dance Black and White