An Elegant, Garden-Inspired Wedding at Shaker Heights Country Club in Shaker Heights, Ohio

Joanna Jia (29 and a lawyer) and Steven Chan (30 and in management consulting) dreamed of garden-chic inspirations filling the elegant ballroom for their wedding at Shaker Heights Country Club in Shaker Heights, Ohio. And so, thanks to arrangements done by Twig Floral and a color combination of pink, white and gold, their vision went into full bloom. Joanna held a beautiful bouquet filled with peonies and hydrangeas (two of her favorite flowers), plus roses and other soft accents, while Steven had a single white rose mixed with dusty miller pinned to the lapel of his midnight blue suit. The ceremony took place inside St. Dominic Cathedral Church in Shaker Heights, Ohio, where the traditional space needed no decor besides the white blooms accenting the ends of pews. Fast-forward to the reception, where guests sat at long dining tables decorated with soft-colored hydrangeas, roses and mixed greenery arranged inside glass vases, surrounded by romantic candles perched on top of golden holders. The four-tier white cake embodied the garden-inspired theme through flesh blooms accenting its surface, also following the day's elegant color scheme. Since Joanna came from New York and Steven grew up in Ohio, we loved the butter cookies that had "I <3 OH" and "I <3 NY" for guests to take home. A tip from Joanna: "Don’t get lazy toward the end of the night. The whole day can be very tiring, but you don’t want to sit out on any fun on your own wedding day."