An Elegant, Garden Wedding at Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus, Ohio

Rebecca Fineran (37, in merchandising) and Derik Burkholder (33, an engineer) got to know each other through living in the same neighborhood. Over the summer, Rebecca used a lawn mower that had a noisy engine every time it turned on. After a season of frustration, Derik from down the street came over and insisted on cleaning it up for her. In exchange for fixing her lawn mower, Rebecca bought Derik a drink on their first date. Derik always insisted that Rebecca be the one to propose, so she created a special ring that incorporated the spark plug he bought to fix her lawn mower. The ring took about eight months to make, and once it was ready, Rebecca was more than ready to propose. They went for a walk in the park when after the first snowfall of the season where Rebecca proposed. Derik returned the favor a month later at the top of a mountain in Aspen, Colorado, where he proposed to Rebecca with a vintage engagement ring from the 1920s. Derik was being deployed with the Air National Guard, so the couple only had three months to plan the wedding! They got married in the Palm House at Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus, Ohio because of the indoor space that was still surrounded by nature. Rebecca’s ring was the inspiration behind the vintage themed wedding, with a soft color palette of muted blush tones to let the surrounding foliage naturally decorate the space. “We ensured the day reflected us as a couple by keeping it simple, less formal and by ensuring the reception didn't overwhelm the importance of the ceremony,” says Rebecca.