An Elegant, Industrial Wedding at Bay 7 — American Tobacco Campus in Durham, North Carolina

Irene Pappas (29 and a works in public relations) and Stanford (Ben) Rudnick (32 and a senior director of finance at INC Research) used plenty of white and shades of green to create an organic feel for their reception after a traditional ceremony at a Greek Orthodox church.

“I wanted to celebrate their differences so I let them pick their own dresses,” Irene says of her nine bridesmaids. “I simply chose the color palette, and voila!” The result was a pretty mix of patterns, fabrics and styles in neutral hues and soft pastels.

Irene’s strapless gown was actually two pieces.

“Our reception décor was inspired by a restaurant in Manhattan we both love,” Irene says. “It has gorgeous greenery suspended from the ceiling, creating a hanging garden feel. It’s so romantic, we had to have it for our wedding day.” Guests left with bags of five Jordan almonds, a nod to Irene’s Greek heritage.

Garlands of fresh greenery decorated the couple’s ivory buttercream cake.