An Elegant Industrial Wedding at The Bowery in Amarillo, Texas

A mere four months after Daniel Atkins (33 and a worship pastor) popped the question, he and Cassidyy Smith (23 and a digital managing editor) invited 200 guests to join them in an urban, old-world affair at a reimagined venue. "The owner has poured her heart and soul into making The Bowery one of a kind,” Cassidyy says. A crafty friend dreamed up the day’s invitations, and onlookers showered the newlyweds with fragrant lavender once Cassidyy and Daniel became Mr. and Mrs. As her “something old,” Cassidyy wrapped her dahlia and amaranthus bouquet with her great-grandmother's handkerchief and a necklace handcrafted by her grandfather. Each bridesmaid carried a single pale peach spray rose—a bloom Daniel often gifted Cassidyy while they were dating. As a way to honor the groom’s British upbringing, members of the wedding party affixed British and American flag pins to their lapels, and centerpieces included trinkets sourced from Daniel’s hometown.